Against all odds

It’s not often I have anything to brag about in life, but today is one of those magical days where I triumphed over unbelievable odds to be a winner.

I played and won a pool match against the Carphone Warehouse head office champion.

I know Mr B has dedicated his life over the last few weeks to winning the trophy. As he says in his statement on winning the CPW trophy “I won’t ramble on about all the dedication and hard work it’s taken for me to get to this point, but that said it has taken sacrifices both professionally and personally, so I say this to all of you looking up to me as a role model, work hard eat your weetabix and you can be a winner just like me.”

Well mate I haven’t eaten my weetabix, and I haven’t made any sacrifices but I’m still a winner. I just have natural talent, passed down from father to son, it’s in my genes. All I need to do to unleash this talent is to have a few pints, after which I become a pool playing god.

I’ll admit at this point it was close, I was 2 – 0 down before powering to a 2 – 3 win. It has rematch written all over it. I suggest Mr B’s people speak to my people and let’s get it on, I’ll even give up my pay per view rights.

So if your reading this Mr B (I’m sure you are) I’m here, I have your trophy come and get it.