A Geeky Kind of Love

It all started in 1998. I was 21, pretty late really considering the first time I touched a mobile phone was in 1995.

That first touch, that first fumble it feels like it was yesterday. From that moment on I knew I needed one, I needed to feel connected.

Going to university curtailed me in acquiring a mobile straight away. I had to wait until I was on my sandwich year to afford one.

I remember going to the Vodafone shop in Uxbridge and buying a Nokia 5110 with my first pay cheque. My God it was beautiful.

I’ll make it clear now I loved that phone, it was my first and therefore holds a very special place in my heart. The deal I got by nowadays standards was ridiculous, I paid £25 a month and got 30 minutes monthly talk time.

It’s funny to think back then you had a mobile for emergencies only, it was a luxury not an necessity. How times have changed.

I kept the 5110 for probably two and a half years. Converting it from contract to pay as you go, due to me becoming a poor student again, but it never left my side. The hours I spent playing Snakes whilst working in a call centre are priceless, without it I think I would’ve gone mad.

But when I left university and got a real job I knew it was time to upgrade, time to get the next generation of mobile, something with a bit more style and after watching the Matrix I knew which mobile I needed.

I was “The One” and therefore needed the Nokia 7110.

I now have to admit to wearing sunglasses, looking into a mirror activating the slide and saying “Mortheus”. If you ever had a 7110 and say you didn’t then you’re a liar.

I had the 7110 for a year until getting the first Nokia flip phone.

This was the time when flip phones were cool and as a bonus this one was able to play MP3’s. I’m not proud to have owned this phone, in fact looking back it was kinda camp but at this time of my life I was experimenting. One day I actually went to work in a pink shirt.

I then became a mobile whore for a couple of years, getting involved with any mobile which caught my eye, Black, White, Samsung or Eriksson. It didn’t matter to me they were all much of a muchness, none of then massaged my geeky side.

Then in 2003 I got my dirty little hands on a Nokia (I can’t remember the model number) but it had a colour screen, web access, video recording and it was pretty shit hot. This baby reignited my desire not to have any phone, but one which fulfilled me as a geek.

Then came a T-mobile branded SDA, it was a toss up between this and a T-mobile MDA. The SDA won it on size, it was more like a normal size phone whilst the MDA was more of a PDA. The only reason I wanted one of these phones was that they both came with Co-pilot sat-nav.

Within a week I knew I’d made a mistake, the SDA was shockingly bad too use. It’s applications were very slow and the screen was way too small for sat-nav. My disillusionment with this mobile relationship must have been picked up on by the SDA, as one night whilst we were out having a drink she decided to run off with a another man. (Technically I was mugged)

To be honest I think it was for the best that we both went our separate ways. It was a loveless relationship. She never understood a geek needs more than talk time and gimmicks, we need to feel like a geek.

The next morning I did what any geek would do, I hit the internet in search for the mobile I should have bought, the MDA.

The MDA fulfilled my geeky needs, a good internet experience (portrait/landscape views), sat-nav, microsoft office, great media player and it synchronised with my laptop effortlessly, as it had a windows based operating system. The problem with the MDA was the size plus you had to use a stylus, which as a northerner wasn’t a good look. In fact it was a please punch me look.

From the MDA I went to a Nokia N73, which to be honest was a bit of a sidestep. I should have gone for the N95 but I was put off by the crap battery life and the stupid price. The N73 was a good mobile and did everything it said it would and using it as a modem was easy and pretty fast.

Then I met the current love of my life, a Blackberry Bold 9000 or as I call her Baby.

Baby is brilliant, she’s beautiful and as made me feel more connected than I ever knew possible.

I’m writing and will publish this post on my baby.

Of course it has it’s limitations, the internet browser to name one and the iphone brigade will always say that Blackberries don’t do media well. I completely agree with this however if you want to work and be truly connected to everything Blackberry is king.

I love my Blackberry, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have a iphone as a mistress.

Who knows what the future holds for my mobile love life.

Maybe a bit of Android love?