Big Fish, Little Fish

The 1990’s was the decade of my teenage years.

It was the decade where I starting going out to pubs & clubs. I was thinking about those nights out today & the great times me and my mates had.

So I thought I’d write a quick post featuring my top 5 banging tunes we used to dance to trying to catch the eye of any pretty (or desperate) young lady.

So anyway here goes in my best Top of the Pops stylie voice.

In at number 5….Berri with Sunshine after the rain.

I loved this song & it’s club mixes. I was convinced she’d see me dancing to it in a club and fall madly in love with me. I now realise she probably wasn’t hanging around singles night @ Baker Street, mainly because it was on a Monday night and she had work the next day.

However if she had, she would’ve been mine.

At number 4….. Sub Sub feat Melanie Williams with Ain’t no love (Ain’t no use)

I remember listening to this song on loop whilst studying for my GCSE’s. Happy days.

Number 3 a song which has been released a number of times because it’s so f**king good.

N-trance – Set you free

Next up number 2, Livin’ Joy with Dreamer.

Absolutely love this tune, I used to play it before going out to get me in the zone & ready for a big night out.

There was only ever one tune that could be number 1 for me.

Baby D – Let me be your fantasy

This track was huge, whenever I heard it I would make a bee line to the dance floor or preferably a podium to get my dance on.

I’d be completely lost in the music, Jet from the Gladiators (my celebrity crush at the time) could’ve been stark naked next to me doing her trademark spin & hair flick and I wouldn’t have noticed. (ok that’s a lie)

Anyway here’s the video, try not to dance too much leave it the us professionals.

So they were my top 5 dance tunes of the 90s, everyone brings back great memories.

Take Care & Party On