Martin Dumont – WordPress Blog Scam

This morning on one of my old blogs On Canvas Art, I received a comment from someone called Martin Dumont. Claiming to be from a advertising agency called PAKBB wanting to place a banner on the site. All I had to do was email him what I would charge.

Obviously as the occasional blogger that I am, I got a little bit excited about the prospect of actually earning money from a blog.

(Basically in my head I’d already bought a Ferrari and was dating a Playboy bunny.)

However after about 20 seconds of fantasising I came to my senses remembering the old saying.

“If something seems too good to be true, it probably is”

So I did a quick search on Google and found out that a lot of other WordPress bloggers had received the same comment.

Apparently scumbag Martin tries to get you to install a new plug-in to your blog and god knows what will happen then.

Anyway here’s the comment, please don’t be fooled by this almost clever scam.



Sorry I write you via comments. But I could not find contact e-mail or feedback form on your site.

My name is Martin Dumont and I represent PAKBB Agency. We are making an advertising campaign for Lacoste Company (it is a French company producing clothes, footwear, perfumery etc.) and we would like to place their banner at your site We are interested in banners of the following sizes: 160×600, 240×400, 300×250, 336×280, 468×60, 728×90. What can be your price for one banner (banner should appear at ALL pages of your site) of abovementioned sizes (please specify the place for the banner – top, bottom, left, right)? Please mention a normal link for banner, without javascript code and set prices in US dollars per month.

P.S. Please, delete this comment