Q & A With Yours Truely

I’ve been having trouble thinking of something to write and got thinking what Michaelisherwood.com was actually about.

Well, it’s about me.

My thoughts, my life, my irrelevant ramblings on whatever takes my fancy.

Anyway I thought I’d have a quick question and answer session with myself.


So Mike, you don’t mind if I call you Mike?

No, of course not, only my mother calls me Michael.

Ok, so Mike what made you start this blog?

Well it all started with the wish to own my own name as a domain name. I’ve always been convinced that one day I’d be famous and therefore would need a website for my fans to visit. Also I wanted somewhere I could speak at length without the need to worry about a character limit.

You mention the belief that one day you’ll be famous. How do you expect to achieve this fame?

Good question Mike; to be honest I haven’t as yet figured that one out. I suspect it’ll be for doing something stupid or weird. It won’t be for being creative or by doing anything meaningful to help the world.

It’ll be more notoriety than fame.

Although fame though association could happen, Charlize TheronΒ I’m game if you are.

LOL, would you call yourself a dreamer then Mike.

Yes, most definitely. But I’m very well grounded in reality. I put my chances of pulling Charlize as 1 in 5.

So how are you passing the time until the inevitable happens and you become famous?

Currently I’m living the dream being an accountant. Sadly it’s something I’ve wanted to do since about the age of 14.

I don’t think I had as much imagination back then as I have now.

Is there any advise you would give your younger self then?

Just to believe in yourself, not to listen to haters and to love yourself (not that way younger Mike) you’re beautiful.

Also, sit up straight and stop picking your nose.

Killer Job interview question time now if you don’t mind.

Not at all, bring it on. As long as it’s not where do I see myself in 5 years?

Ok, so Mike. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Screw you Mike, that’s it, interview finished.

Come on Mike, you did say I could ask you anything. Put it this way it’s not like you can hide from me.

True, you’re a very hard man to hide from so I will answer.

In my head in 5 years time I’ll be sitting on my own private island watching Charlize play with Mike Junior.

In reality I’ll probably be crediting here and debiting there.

Thanks for your time and honesty Mike, let’s do this again in the future.

Yes, let’s


Well that was fun.

I’ll definitely do another Question and Answer in the future.

Take Care