Q & A

Ok, I know this is lazy blogging but I thought I’d have another Q & A session with myself going over my redundancy and my plans for the future.


Hello again Mike, I suppose I’ll get straight down to it and ask how are you coping with redundancy?

To be honest I’m loving it. The freedom of not having to worry about going to work or the problems which I’d need to solve whilst at work, is something which I haven’t experienced since I left university.

But aren’t you bored?

Everyone I’ve spoken to have said ” but aren’t you bored not working”? Simple answer to that is no, not in the slightest.

Only someone with no imagination would get bored when you have all the time in the world, no commitments, a decent internet connection and a inquisitive mind.

So what have you been doing to keep yourself from getting bored?

Well of course I’ve got this blog but I decided to launch a couple of other websites to keep me busy and also to learn more about SEO and how online marketing works.

Not to make money, although if I did that would be great. More to help me in my career as a Marketing Cost accountant/analyst.

My theory is the more I know about what the Marketeers are doing the more meaningful my costings and statistics will be.

New websites?

Yeah, only two at the minute but I will also be working on some of the domain names I already have but have just parked.

Ok, so what are the websites? You’re not good at this self promotion lark are you?

Ha Ha Ha, no it’s alien to me to big myself up.

The sites are geekystuff.co which is almost an extension of this website really. Basically I post things which I find interesting which generally falls into the geek category. My hope is that other people find the things I post interesting.

The other site is justdecorations.co.uk which I admit is just an experiment on how to use Amazon Astore. Although I have a few ideas in relation to adding further content in terms of how to videos, ebook etc.

You really are a busy boy then Mike?

Yeah, I really don’t know how I found time to go to work. But I couldn’t have ever got so far in terms of the websites above without being out of work and having time on my hands.

What’s the plan for the future then Mike?

I’ve obviously been thinking a lot about the future in the last few weeks and in the short term I’m moving back to my parents to save money and spend some time with them.

I think I’ve finally realised that life isn’t just about work and a nice bank balance. Life is too short to be unhappy in a job, therefore I’ll make sure that my next job will make me happy. I’ll also make sure that I have the proper balance in terms of working and my personal life.

No plans for some travelling then?

I’m going to think about that after the new year, I’ll definitely go somewhere but I’m not sure where. Maybe Tokyo or travelling across the US.

All change then Mike?

Most definitely, I’ve spent way too much time worrying about work and other people instead of thinking about myself.

My only option is change.

Ok Mike, thanks once again for your honesty and all the best for the future.


I do enjoy doing these Q & As they’re so much easier than writing a proper Life of Mike diary post.

In fact I may do a Q & A Vlog next time, how exciting.

Anyway, take care until next time.