Attack of the ATM

So I’ve finally had my new crown fitted and therefore no longer have one of my front teeth missing. To celebrate I thought I’d write a post about the entire experience.

First of all I think I’d better fill you in on the back story of how I originally damaged my teeth.

It all started one boozy October evening about 14 years ago. I was in my second year at university and it was rag week, which for those of you who don’t know is when university students do weird & wonderful activities to raise money for charity. (Ok, so that’s the explanation of Rag week I gave to my parents. In reality it’s a week where students get very drunk in the name of charity.)

One of the arranged activities was the traditional three legged pub crawl. This entailed of going round all the local pubs and drinking either a shot of spirit or half a pint in each unless it was one of the double up pubs where you’d have to drink a double shot or a pint. There was ten pubs and three of them were double ups so the most you’d drink would be 7 pints or 13 shots of spirits. The problem was that the crawl was more like a sprint and prizes were given to the fastest and the slowest.

The previous year I teamed up with Mr Stevens and we decided to drink pints in all the pubs not just the double up pubs. As you can imagine this took quite a while (3 hours in fact) and we ended up winning the prize for the slowest team. (The prize was a crate of shandy)

But this year I teamed up with Mr Buxton and we decided to drink shots all the way round and see if we could win the race (sorry charity pub crawl). We managed to complete the course in about 45 mins (if memory serves me right) and unfortunately finished 4th.

I actually felt ok when we finished in the university bar but things went downhill quickly when I went to a cash machine for some money. My actual recall of what happened next isn’t that good, in fact it’s pretty nonexistent. But according to eye witnesses I got to the cash machine did a bit of a spin ballerina stylie then just collapsed with my head hitting the cash machine on the way down. I do remember getting up off the floor and being very angry as I was convinced that one of the friends I was with had punched me therefore sending me to the floor.

After a couple of minutes my friends had convinced me that no foul play was involved just my own stupidity. It was at this point I realised I had badly chipped one of my front teeth but it wasn’t until I went to the dentist to get it fixed I found out I’d also damaged some of my other teeth.

After numerous visits my dentist was able to give me back my Hollywood smile. I was never a fan of the going to the dentist but this experience certainly gave me a phobia.

Due to these previous bad painful experiences at the dentist I didn’t bother going to regular checkups and left going back till I had no other choice.

This brings me up to date and to my latest experience of the dentist.

After Christmas one of the large fillings in my front teeth fell out whilst eating some very nice barbecue spare ribs. Due to the fact that I’m unemployed and therefore need to go to interviews where appearance can be important, I thought it best to suck up my fear and go to the dentist.

I thought all he’d do would be to replace the filling and send me on my way, 2 visits maximum!

In the end I had 6 visits, 3 fillings, a root canal and a crown fitted. Quite a lot of work really and the thought of having it all done filled me with dread. I mentioned to the dentist my fear and he tried his best to allay them. But I needn’t had worried as I felt no pain, even when having the local anesthetic injection. The dentist put this down to the needles they now use are smaller than the ones they used back when I had my original dental work done. Personally I think he was talking bollocks, but hey who cares? It didn’t hurt.

I’ll certainly be going back to this dentist in future and keeping up to date with my checkups.

So the morals of this story are simply. Be careful whilst doing charity work or just do it sober. And, Dentists aren’t the devil incarnate.