Some Things That Annoy Me

I’m in a bit of a mardy mood (probably due to the heat) so thought I’d write about some things that annoy me.

05. Ainsley Harriott – The celebrity chef and former host of Ready, Steady, Cook annoys the life out of me. I think it’s his always happy, always smiling, always in your face personality that really annoys me. I’d happily beat him to death with Percy pepper if we ever met.
04. People who point blankly refuse to learn anything new – I’m always trying to educate and better myself, pushing the boundaries of my knowledge. I enjoy learning and find it infuriating when people seem completely uninterested in learning anything new. I don’t know whether this reluctance comes from the fear of not being able to understand what’s being taught or just laziness. I once offered to teach a colleague how to do something in excel which would help them in their job and was told to, and I quote “fuck off, I’m not interested”. This kind of attitude I simply have no time for and really don’t see the point in life if you don’t want to learn and better yourself.
03. Car modification – I’m not against this per se, some of the low riders are very cool. I have more of a problem with the boy racer type of modifications which as far as I can see involves, lowering the car, installing tinted windows, a ridiculously loud exhaust and sound system all on a 10 year old Vauxhall Corsa. How can they think this looks good? It’s the equivalent of dressing your grandmother in high heels, a boob tube & mini skirt and making her walk the local high street whilst singing at the top of her voice gangsta rap.
02. Inconsiderate Parking – I’m sure you’ve all seen examples of this, such has people taking up two parking spaces in a supermarket car parks or parking so close to your car that it’s very difficult to get into your car or get your car out of the space you’re in. These selfish people are obviously arseholes, I imagine they’re also the kind of people who beat their wife & kids and mistreat their pets. The police should patrol car parks looking for this kind of parking and arrest the drivers on suspicion of a heinous crime or maybe just hang them on the spot.
01. TV talent shows – Ok, not all talent shows annoy me just the ones that take the piss out of people who obviously have issues. You the know the people I’m talking about, the ones who are tone deaf but really believe they can sing. Why do you need to put these people on TV and let a smug judge (whose own talent isn’t easy to find) make them a laughing stock in front of millions of people. Of course the producers of these shows would say look at the viewing figures, the public watch it in their millions. True, but that doesn’t mean it’s right and at times the public needs to be protected from their own stupidity and prejudice. Maybe before these type of people auditions are shown a message should be shown saying something like ” The next act has a less than average IQ and learning difficulties, Enjoy”.

Ok, rant over and I feel much better for it.

Take Care


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  1. Im sooo with you on the inconsiderate parking !!

    I take pics on my fone of the parkers near where i live (a convenience store down the road) in the hope to send them to the council (all the residence complain) doubt i ever will send them tho lol.

    Perhaps i should set up a display and shame blog and post all the pics haha

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