Nick Clegg Says He’s Sorry (AutoTune Song)

The guys at The Poke (with a little help from AutoTune) have remixed Nick Clegg’s apology video for reneging on the Liberal Democrats election promise not to raise tuition fees if elected, into a piece of YouTube genius.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Liberal Democrat party conference to see if Nick Clegg takes to the stage with Vince Cable on guitar to perform an acoustic version. They’re so far behind in the polls it really couldn’t do any harm.

There are plans to release the track on itunes with all proceeds going to Sheffield Children’s Hospital (a place I know well from my childhood)  however i’m not sure how well it’ll sell. Maybe if the b-side is the entire cabinet doing a cover of High School Musicals “We’re all in this together” it may sell better if only for the irony.

***** Purchase the track here on itunes *****