Altitudes – EDM Rage (YouTube Revenge)

At first glance the music video below could be mistaken as a really bad attempt to launch a new genre of music. (I’ve called this new genre EDM Rage) In fact, it’s a sort of revenge video by sound engineer Dan Atkinson, who was hired by American aspiring/deluded Hardcore Rock band, Altitudes, to produce a track for them.

The problem is the guys from the band didn’t stump up the cash they had promised to Dan for his hard work. Dan therefore, took his revenge though the medium of YouTube, no doubt hitting the guys from Altitudes hard by mocking their music.

The lead vocalist of Altitudes commented on YouTube that they originally had every intention to pay Dan, but unfortunately circumstances changed. I think I’ll try that excuse next month with my landlord, “Sorry Mr Landlord, I had every intention to pay you this month but unfortunately circumstances have changed. Basically, I’ve pissed your rent money up against a wall”, I think he’ll understand.

But I’ll give the guys from Altitudes a bit of hope with this quote from Brendan Behan.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.


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