Northern Soul Girl Dances To Happy

Here’s a happy little video from Northern Soul Girl, aka If This Is Lev, aka Levanna McLean. In it, she’s seen dancing in a Northern Soul fashion down Broad Street in Staple Hill Bristol to a mashup of Pharrell Williams song Happy, and the Velvet Hammers song of the same name. (Personally, I like the Velvet Hammer song)

If you can watch this video without smiling, especially when the old guy joins in, I suggest you seek medical attention, as you’re obviously losing your senses.



6 Replies to “Northern Soul Girl Dances To Happy”

  1. She made me smile from ear 2 ear good on you maid x dont listen 2 any of the s..t negative comments from complete wa….s do what you do best let you feet do the talking and let your soul feed your smile ktf . Andy v plym

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