Who’s On Heart – My List versus Hearts

Since Heart has now provided a list of guesses for this year’s competition, I thought it would be a good idea for me to reconcile my list back to the names Heart say have been guessed.

According to Hearts list, I’m missing only 1 name:

Jon Culshaw

My list is based upon names that I have personally heard guessed. I thought I had listened to all of the guesses so far, but obviously, I might have missed one or two.

I’ve updated my list to include this missing name.

In terms of Hearts list, 13 names are on my list but not on Hearts.

As I explained earlier, I’ve personally heard all the guesses on my list, so I’m confident in its integrity.

Here is a list of the names Heart says haven’t been guessed. (I can definitely remember some of these names being guessed.)

Adam Scott – Guessed 2pm 19/03/2014
Bob Dylan
Frankie Boyle
Keira Knightley – Guessed 2pm 05/03/2014
Kylie Minogue
Leona Lewis
Nick Nolte
Nick Rhodes
Shane Filan – Guessed 11am 14/01/2014
Shania Twain
Steve Harley
Susan Boyle

I’ll continue to update my list with guesses when I hear them, as I believe this is the only way for me to be confident that the list is correct.



P.s. I’ll wait a week or so, or until I get bored, and then I’ll redo the reconciliation.

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