My Twitterverse In Review W/e 22/02

I’ve been thinking about different weekly posts I could add to my blog, and one idea which I’ve decided to do is a weekly round-up of my Twitter activity. (I’ve really no idea how this will turn out.)

Here goes!

It’s Pancake day. I admit I don’t really like Pancakes but was happy to get involved in the #RuinAMoviesWithPancake hashtag.

Thursday was my last day at work before a long weekend. Hence this post. You’ll notice that my Twitter activity increases whenever I’m not at work.

On Friday an article on the BBC website caught my eye about 102 injuries at a Scottish trampoline centre in a 3 week period. What I found scary was that this amount of injuries, which included a broken neck, was actually below the industry average for a trampolining centre.

Also on Friday I read a blog on Yahoo about the 10 rules of being a good commuter. As a daily commuter in London I found this blog interesting, as we all have stories of other commuters being an annoyance and not following the simple rules. I added a few extra rules, which I think other commuters should follow. (At somepoint I’ll write my own commuter rules post.)

On Saturday I went to see my home town football team play against my local football team.

I was photographed in the crowd!

That’s my week on Twitter. As I said earlier I’m not sure where these posts are going. They may just turn into a diary for me to easily remember what I’ve done without having to read back months of tweets.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens.


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