Who’s On Heart Competition 2016

Just a quick post to everyone who’s expecting to see a list of guesses for the Who’s On Heart competition like I’ve done in previous years.

Unfortunately, I’m really busy with my day job and unable to commit the necessary time & effort to maintain a list as before. Also, I think Heart is flogging a dead horse by bringing the competition back in the same format. I’m sure it’s a money-spinner for Heart, but it’s now boring for listeners.

Anyway, here’s a link to a site that is posting the guesses.

Who’s On Heart Wrong Guesses 2016

** Update**

Emma Stone is the first correctly guessed mystery voice. Well done to Leticia for winning £10k!

Mark Zuckerberg is the second correctly guessed mystery voice. Well done to Sophie for winning £20k!

Heather Small was the third and final correctly guessed mystery voice. Congratulations to Aaron for winning the £100k jackpot.



P.s. It’s not Simon Cowell!!

Here are the 3 mystery voices!

Unfortunately, Bruce who posted the mystery voices to Youtube has been forced to remove it due to Heart throwing a hissy fit. Or as Bruce puts it,

The heavies at Heart threw their toys out of their pram!

I fully understand that Heart needs to cover the cost of the prizes and make a profit, but come on how difficult do you need to make it?

The last time the competition was run, I was updating the wrong guesses daily & had a clip of the mystery voices and it still took 11 months to find a winner.

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