12 Challenges In 12 Months

This year instead of making a New Year’s resolution that I know I’m never going to keep, I stole an idea from Matt Cutts (Ted Talk) to have 12 monthly challenges.

By having monthly challenges I’m confident I’ll be able to keep to them.

The challenges are health-related, educational, or things I just fancied doing.

My 12 Challenges In 12 Months.

Jan – Stop drinking alcohol & read or write for at least 30mins a day. (Outcome)

Feb – Walk 10,000 steps a day. (Outcome)

Mar – Spring Clean, declutter my life. Financially & possessions. If I don’t use it, it goes.

Apr – Beat the alarm – Life’s too short to snooze.

May – Back to the ’90s. No smartphone.

Jun – Learn a new word every day

Jul – No social media – bye bye Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

Aug – Learn a new language, at least a few basic phrases (Japanese)

Sep – Take a photo every day of something which made me smile or grateful.

Oct – Learn JavaScript (The basics)

Nov – Write a Novel – The Tale of the Accidental (Something)

Dec – Give up Coke! Not the class A kind.

These challenges will also give me material to update this blog with.

So here goes, 12 challenges in 12 months.

Happy New Year


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