12 Challenges In 12 Months – January Update

January’s Challenge

Stop drinking alcohol & read or write for at least 30mins a day.


I have to hold my hands up and admit I didn’t entirely keep to this challenge. I only managed 10 days without alcohol. I blame this on work pressure & the need to just try and relax. I know that’s not a great excuse and probably shows I have work-life balance issues.

I did however read or write a lot more, in fact, most days more than the 30 minutes I’d set as the challenge. This obviously excludes any work-related reading or writing. I’ve been able to research & write up some ideas, which will at some point make it onto this blog.

I did take the opportunity to start looking at one of the challenges I have for later in the year. Namely, decluttering my life. I moved my bank account so took the opportunity to look at my direct debts etc. to see where I could save money.

I always knew I was wasting money due to my hate of admin. If I have to call a company to cancel a contract the chances are it’ll take me a while, if I can be bothered at all. So, I’ve ended up with 3 mobile phone contacts, 2 of which I don’t use, £55 per month saving. £34 per month saving for a NowTV sports package I barely watch. Plus a further £20 per month saving on other £5 here, £5 there subscriptions. So for probably an hour’s work I’ve saved myself £109 a month or £1,308 per year.

Not a life-changing amount of money but still easy money to save.

So, while I didn’t keep 100% to this month’s challenge. I do think what I did do was positive & I will try to take up the no drinking alcohol challenge later in the year.

Anyway, onto February’s challenge.

Walk 10,000 steps a day.

Take Care

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