Mamamoo – My Guilty Pleasure

The time has come for me to come out of the shadows and be true to myself. I’ve lived with this secret far too long. In this day & age, I shouldn’t be fearful of showing the real me. Fearful of the reactions of my family, friends and society in general.

Today, I stand-up & say with pride.

I’m a Mamamoo fan. A proud MooMoo.

I’m guessing you’re asking who are Mamamoo? What’s a MooMoo?

Well, Mamamoo are a 4 piece female K-pop group & MooMoo’s are their fans. Mamamoo are widely known in South Korea & K-pop circles as vocal queens, whose live vocal performances are unmatched.

The members, Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein & Hwasa are K-pop superstars in their own right, with successful solo careers, but together they make Mamamoo a supergroup. Not reliant on any individual member or talent they compliment each other perfectly and their obvious affection for each other creates a family-like bond between them.

They debuted in 2014 with the single Mr Ambiguous, but came to my attention in 2018 just before my first trip to South Korea with the track Starry Night.

I could bang on about how talented they are and how amazing their songs are. But I won’t as I’d be here all day. Instead, check out Mamamoo’s Killing Voice YouTube video where they sing a small selection of their hits. It showcases their talent perfectly. After which I’m sure you’ll become a MooMoo as well.

Take Care

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