How far back in your family tree can you go?

My family tree past my great great great grandparents is a complete mystery. I know that in the 1800s my family on my Mother’s side was living near Flint in North Wales.

On my Father’s side, one Christmas we paid for an online history scroll that detailed the history of the name Isherwood.

According to the scroll the Isherwood’s were predominantly found in a now-lost village in the parish of Bolton-le-Moors near Manchester (Lancashire). Although, Isherwood’s were also found in Cheshire.

There’s a suggestion that the Isherwoods in Cheshire were landed noblemen, hence the coat of arms.

I’m dubious whether any of this is true. I’d be surprised if we were noblemen, although I quite like the idea of having a coat of arms.

It’s all very Game of Thrones.

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