I’m a risk-averse, scaredy-cat

I’m not a brave person, I’m risk-averse. I won’t put myself at risk, physically, mentally or financially without a full understanding of what I’m getting myself into.

Don’t get me wrong, I am stupid, I did invest in cryptocurrency. Although, I do think cryptocurrency of some sort does have a future, so I will hold on to the little I have for the time being.

I’m not a fan of horror movies, I don’t see the fun in being scared. The chances of me doing a parachute jump is zero. Skiing is also a no. I have no wish to die or to be cold.

I’m sure I’m coming across as boring, well I am. I really don’t care and I sleep well.

Being brave is all about your assessment of risk, and how much risk is acceptable to you.

I like to go travelling on my own and people have told me that I’m brave to do so, and that they would never travel to a foreign country on their own. Personally, don’t see this as a major risk, as I carefully choose where I go. I research the country, the culture, and places to avoid, and also ensure I have good travel insurance. I also use Google maps street view to research my route to my hotel, attractions, etc before I even leave home, so I am not completely lost when I reach my destination.

I always try to mitigate risk.

Take Care


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