Me, me, me

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is Why do you write?

Well, it’s all about me.

As the URL suggests, this blog relates to me, my ponderings, my ramblings, and my self-importance.

The blog title is Me, Myself and I.

Me, Me, Me

It’s all about ME!

In real life, I’m unassuming, shy, awkward, and instantly forgettable. (I’d make a great spy. Nobody expects the no mark.)

I’m doing myself a disservice, but I know I’m difficult to get to know.

I write/blog here & on my Geeky Blog because I enjoy the thought process. I’m not that bothered if other people read my posts, although if they do it’d make me happy.

Take Care


P.s The thought process is interesting, I’ll write a post about it at some point.

Day 5 of Bloganuary – What brings you joy in life?

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