Human Cockfighting League (HCFL)

A knelt referee hold 2 fighters cocks waiting the winner.

The Human Cockfighting League (HCFL) via this Comedy Central video has made my day, quite possibly my week. With all the doom and gloom currently around, with the economy, political instability and the continuing war in Ukraine. It was a joy just to laugh out loud at something completely ridiculous.

Although a comedy sketch I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in the world there is some sort of human cockfighting or human swordfighting league. They probably have an exclusive deal to stream live on Onlyfans or something. read more

Covid-19 / Lockdown Songs

As we’re in Lockdown again here in the UK and I’m a bit bored. I thought I’d post some of the Covid-19/lockdown songs which I’d found on YouTube that had amused me.

I especially like the 3rd song on the playlist by Stephen Paul Taylor. For some reason, I get a Pet Shop Boys vibe from it.


Lights Out – Short Film

Here’s a spooky little short film from David F. Sandberg. It was the winner of the Who’s There film challenge for 2013.

It reminded me of when I was about 5 years old. I woke up one night and thought I saw Darth Vader standing in the corner of my room.

I hid under the covers, started crying & yes, I admit it, wet myself!

Thankfully, I was able not to lose control of my bladder watching this. But I think I might sleep with the light on tonight.