Who’s On Heart Competition 2016

Who's on Heart

Just a quick post to everyone who’s expecting to see a list of guesses for the Who’s On Heart competition like I’ve done in previous years.

Unfortunately, I’m really busy with my day job and unable to commit the necessary time & effort to maintain a list as before. Also, I think Heart is flogging a dead horse by bringing the competition back in the same format. I’m sure it’s a money-spinner for Heart, but it’s now boring for listeners. read more

Who’s On Heart – Potential Guesses

Who's on Heart

I’m starting to get a bit bored with all the same names being guessed, and the competition itself to be honest. So I thought I’d put together a list of celebrity names that haven’t yet been guessed.

This list is based on guesses from the previous 2 years of Who’s on Heart that are still to be guessed in 2014. (According to my list) read more

Who’s On Heart Competition 2014 List of Guesses

Who’s On Heart, Heart FMs annual guess the mystery celebrity voices competition is back for 2014.

This year, the jackpot for naming all 3 of the mystery celebrity voices is a mouthwatering £100,000! As well as this jackpot, you can win £10,000 for being the first to name one of the mystery voices, and £20,000 for being the first to name a second. (Here’s a link to the T&Cs) read more