Hello & Welcome To My Blog

As you might have guessed my name is Michael Isherwood (although my friends call me Mike) and this is my personal blog. I’ll be using this blog to post my ideas, thoughts and rantings on things I find interesting or which amuse me.

Please don’t get offended or upset by anything I write.

A little background to myself. I’m the wrong side of forty and an office worker by day, but a geek all of the time. I currently live in London but originate from the north of England.

Not much more to say really, apart from thanks for reading (although I’m not sure anyone will). Feel free to leave comments good or bad, although if they’re bad it’s better to keep your comments to yourself. As to be honest I couldn’t give a flying and you’ll be wasting your time and my server resources.



Some of my blog reviews:

“utterly boring, pass me the razor blades” The Sun

“complete bollocks” The Times

“what the F**k” Time Magazine